Forced Job Search or Career Change ~ Do it from a Position of Strength


🌟 Forced Job Search or Career Change ~ Do it from a Position of Strength 🙌 😊

This past month, I had the honor of helping several people seeking new opportunities. Sadly, many are being forced to move due to challenging workplace or life situations. My offering to them has been: you are not your situation, you are able and you can look for a job or other occupations from a position of strength. Here is how you can have a positive job search experience ~

  1. Mindset ~ refuse to be a Victim of your circumstances

While this may be counter to everything one feels when “forced” to move, if you believe you are a victim then you will be a victim. Honor your experience, usually deeply hurtful. Work through it, get support and come out on the other side with a healed and positive mindset ready to believe that you are able. You are good enough. And you will find the right opportunity for yourself. Self-belief is key in job search or opportunity seeking.

  1. Lean on your Personal and Professional Network

This is the time to lean on family and friends for morale support. Mentors and Coaches in your network can encourage and help with your Job Search Plan, your CV/Resume, interview tips etc. Peers and Sponsors are your leads on openings and the hidden job market. You need to have a robust Personal Network, if not, work with what you have now and start building one for your next career move.

  1. Take a professional approach to job seeking

A friend said to me the other day, looking for a job is a full-time job in itself😊 and it is an area of expertise. This is true. Job search is not a fishing expedition where you just hurriedly edit your CV and Cover letter and send it to any job posting you come cross. A Job Search Plan or strategy includes various career assessments, researching jobs, career decision-making, developing key documents like a Master CV/Resume, a Career Portfolio, sample Cover Letters, your personalised Interview Preparation Guide etc. Work with a Career Coach or anyone experienced to have these in place.

  1. Referees preparation is as important as how you prepare yourself ~

Just because someone worked with you or was in the same organisation as you, it does not mean they know enough to represent you in the way you want when that reference call is made. You have to prep them. Referees are a key advocate in your job search, as with a network, nurture the relationships before you need them. Refer to blog post on Referees for more on referee preparation.

  1. Prepare for interviews as if your life depends on them ~

There are different forms of interviews, so make it your job to know the types and prepare as much for them as you can. The way you interview on the phone, in person, with a panel, with the boss, with one person, in a group etc is varied. Each has its own nuances that can give you a step forward or not. There is value in having an Interview Preparation Guide for yourself, complete with pre-answered common questions, your elevator speech about who you are and your value proposition or offer and some inspirational materiel to positively affirm you.

  1. Think long-term ~ use this process as an opportunity to develop a Career Development Plan. Half our lives we spend this being educated for an occupation, then seeking it and doing paid or unpaid work. Invest effort in managing your career long term and there are ways of doing this effectively that a Career Coach or someone experienced in your field can help you do.

As you search, remember its a process. Celebrate each action taken and Believe in yourself…



Life and Career Coach🔥

25/01/2019 (original post date)

One thought on “Forced Job Search or Career Change ~ Do it from a Position of Strength

  1. Thank you Ennie. This was an eye opener for me. I have done so many interviews with Inspirators and Advisors and I never knew they would have taken so much time preparing. I am going to use the above guide and prepare my CV and cover letters.

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