Referees and Your Job Search ~ Prepare them Well to Best Represent You

Referees in Your Job Search

🌟 A note on Referees when job searching

Someone asked me to be their Referee and this was my feedback to them after the call with the hiring company.


🔅 Career Self-coaching Guide for the Applicant:

When you ask for a  reference, you need to prep the Referee.

  1. Share your Application Package – CV or resume, cover letter and the job advert;
  2. Share a Career Highlights 1 pager with what you want your Referee to tell the hiring caller;
  3. Share your Career Portfolio for a deeper insight into who you are, your career goals and achievements to date.

Below are questions I was asked about the Applicant that can be insightful in prepping your Referee ~

~ what are his/her strengths? 

~ achievements?

~ areas of development? 

~ why is he/she leaving?

~ how have you worked with him/her and in what capacity? 

~ what are the core things that he/she is doing in his/her current role?

~ how is he/she working in a team and working independently?

~ would you hire him/her back?

A reference check can be quick or it can be a core part of your selection. In the above, the hiring company was interviewing the candidate through the Referee.

Prepare your Referee and put your best foot forward… 🤗


Life and Career Coach🔥

17/01/2019 (original post date)

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