Referees and Your Job Search ~ Prepare them Well to Best Represent You

Referees in Your Job Search

🌟 A note on Referees when job searching

A reference check is part of the job search process. You therefore need to have Referees ready when this stage of the job search process arrives. Unfortunately, job seekers do not usually invest time in this critical stage. Someone asked me to be their Referee and this was my feedback to them after the call with the hiring company.

🔅 Career Self-coaching Guide for the Applicant:

  1. Choose someone who knows you and your work professionally. This means they are able to reinforce what is in your CV and also what you said during the interview process.
  2. Ask your referee first before including them in your application package. This is respectful of the role they will play and also you get to get their consent to stand up for you when that phone call or e-mail comes.
  3. When you ask for a  reference, you need to prepare the Referee. Share your Application Package – CV or resume, cover letter and the job advert;
  4. As part of preparing your referee, share a Career Highlights 1 pager with what you want your Referee to tell the hiring caller;
  5. Share your Career Portfolio for a deeper insight into who you are, your career goals and achievements to date. This gives your referee a holistic view of you.

Below are questions I was asked about the Applicant that can be insightful in prepping your Referee ~

~ what are his/her strengths? 

~ achievements?

~ areas of development? 

~ why is he/she leaving?

~ how have you worked with him/her and in what capacity? 

~ what are the core things that he/she is doing in his/her current role?

~ how is he/she working in a team and working independently?

~ would you hire him/her back?

A reference check can be quick or it can be a core part of your selection. In the above, the hiring company was interviewing the candidate through the Referee.

Prepare your Referee and put your best foot forward… 🤗

Individuals: If you need support on how to utilise this career information for career planning, job search, career progression or CV/resume review, whether currently employed or not, get in touch using the e-mail address provided. Also share and follow this work .

Ennie pictureWritten by: Ennie Chipembere Chikwema, Career Coach and Learning Expert


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Date published:  17/01/2019 (original post date)

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