Physical wellbeing and its benefits ~ let’s get moving, eating and sleeping right….


Photo credit: Lucia Makamure – that’s me in the picture, yesterday morning during my daily wellbeing-fix…I’m reaching for the sky to welcome a new week, a new month and do a shout-out to an awesome start to 2019 and this blog page supporters!


🚴🏾🏃🏽‍♀🚶🏽‍♀🏃🏽🚶🏽💃🏽🕺🏽 Physical wellbeing and its benefits – a reminder ~ folks let’s get moving, eating and sleeping right….

As we shift gears and move deeper into 2019 … after the January euphoria of new year resolutions, it is an opportune time to revisit commitments made or that you need to make to your physical wellbeing, through the lens of the many benefits you get in all your other life areas. Consider the following as your Physical Wellbeing Self-Coaching Guide for today. My wellbeing coach tip is that you will benefit from creating and using your own personalised checklist/poster: Why I should Value my Physical Wellbeing. This is important for self motivation and a great affirming support for new physical wellbeing habits to stick.

Below are some reasons to adopt, adapt and share😊…yes, don’t keep the good stuff all to yourself now. Act on it…share and inspire somebody.

Why we should all value physical wellbeing – this is because there are many benefits to your other life wellbeing areas and below are some to consider –

🔅 Spirituality ~ your fitness time could also be your time to meditate, connect with a higher power, the divine and nature. The outdoors are also a good reminder of a higher power to lean on beyond yourself and everything that makes up your life.

🔅 Emotional and Mental health ~ you could use this time to “hear” your thoughts and feelings away from “life noises” and distractions. This helps to develop better self awareness so that you are better prepared to self manage and address what you “notice”. Its also a great way to tap into those endorphins and get your happiness indicator up 🤩

🔅 Intellectual wellbeing ~ you can also use the time to tap into inner wisdom as ideas float to the surface and you make connections that can help resolve some problems you may be battling with thinking through. Carve this out as critical “thinking time” or “creative time” and reap the benefits.

🔅 Career management ~ a critical part of career development and management is lifelong learning. You could use your fitness time to listen to a podcast, to read, develop ideas to share or write about, watch a video, learn from others if your exercise routine allows conversation and also to share your knowledge. Most people say they don’t have time to learn, well, here is a possibility😉

🔅 Money/Work/Business ~ another use of this time could be to develop business ideas; think about new products; network with clients or investors; and be physically fit and alert to go and do the work necessary to earn you an income and/or create wealth.

🔅 Social relationships ~ the time spent with others on your fitness journey, if it allows for that, is a priceless ingridient to social bonds and social capital. If time pressures rule your life…incorporate some fun activities outdoors into the time spent with family and friends, mentors and mentees or with anyone you need to connect with. I have often enjoyed “walk and talk” check in sessions with coachees and colleagues at work. Try it!

🔅 Social contribution ~ there are so many fitness events that are linked to a social cause. Participate in one, help others in need and contribute to a better society.

Taking care of the mind and body that serve you daily… is a critical investment that contributes to every aspect of your life…prioritise it🤔


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