FREE Career Planning Program Details ~ 10 Months – 10 Webinars – 30 Experts – 60 Career Self-Coaching Guides – a Lifetime Skill

5 Steps To Plan Your Career

  1. WHY THIS PROGRAM – a 15 Year Journey and a 20 Year Vision?

This FREE 10 Month Career Planning Program is meant to celebrate 3 milestones in my life. The first two are, Ennie’s 10 Years of Coaching and Ennie’s 15 Years as a Learning Facilitator sharing for free, my knowledge, skills and abilities with anyone who saw value in them. Through a Gift of Time and Skills Model, the first 10 years, 2006-2015, my work directly impacted 670 young women and men in Southern Africa, either one on one or in group leadership development programs. From 2016, the support model took an online life coaching format via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp, and more recently the focus of the e-coaching has been on career coaching. The e-coaching was facilitated through online group spaces and by promoting a Self-Coaching Model, where the coach provides structure, develops self-coaching guides for use by the coachee and is available to role model, challenge, motivate and support. The online scale and reach is wider, the FB page started 2016 has 1345 followers and the WhatsApp groups about 210.

Visit: and

The 3rd milestone, is that this free program marks the fruition of a Ennie’s 20-year Vision of wanting to help address the huge need for career planning and development support for people in Zimbabwe, in Southern Africa, Africa and any other part of the world where career services not provided in a structured way as part of the education system and the workplace. This need was born out of My Life Purpose, which is: To equip individuals and organisations to fulfil their potential and achieve their mission utilizing any knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that I have.


Given the journey travelled, it is only befitting to celebrate this work through something that reflects some of the key lessons of this learning model: – address a felt need aligned to your life purpose, knowledge, skills and abilities. Use a model that works for you, in my case: low cost so sustainable, online learning facilitation, e-coaching using self-coaching model and gifting the time and skills that are aligned to what I already do in my paid work.

The above explains the history of this work, the learning model used and the reason for marking the stated milestones through a free 10-month career planning program. I’m sending an advance thank you to everyone who will participate in the program. Thank you for the honour of being allowed to be part of your journey.

 2. WHAT IS COVERED in the online Career Planning Program?

Career Planning has 5 generic steps outlined below. We will cover each step in two months as there are several pieces of work in each step, and part-time online group learning facilitation takes time.

FREE Career Planning Program 10 Months Roadmap 2019

Career Planning 5 Steps:

STEP 1: Know Yourself

What is covered

  1. Assess Your Life holistically & identify and develop what Work and Career mean to you – (a) Assessment – use the holistic 8 life wellbeing areas to assess yourself and locate occupational wellbeing (work and career), finances, family and relationships, self-care (physical, mental and emotional), spirituality and social contribution; (b) Meaning –  develop a personal and career Vision, a Life Purpose (mission) and identify guiding Values and Beliefs (enabling and limiting).
  2. Assess What you have to Offer – (a) Assessment – assess your current interests, skills (hard and essential skills), abilities, personal style, work experience, education qualifications, hobbies and (b) Patterns – identify patterns that could be transferrable skills, your value offering.

When – March and April 2019

STEP 2: Know the Market 

What is covered

  1. Conduct some Career Research on employment options or self-employment, note jobs requirements, assess job trends; learn about the Hidden Job Market and how to be Career Current.
  2. Develop a Career Portfolio capturing evidence of your experience, knowledge, skills etc

WhenMay and June 2019

STEP 3: Make Career Decisions

What is covered

  1. Decide job areas to focus on; conduct education and skills gap; get qualifications needed
  2. Develop SMART Goals and a Job Search Pack – CV, sample Cover Letters, update LinkedIn

When – July and August 2019

STEP 4: Develop a Career Plan and Act

What is covered

  1. Produce a Career Plan with SMART goals, clear actions, timeframes etc
  2. Conduct job search – Marketing pitch, Interviews Preparation, Job Applications

When – September and October 2019

STEP 5: Manage Your Career

What is covered

  1. Make use of your Personal Network, seek networking opportunities, work on personal branding (image, social media profile) and lifelong learning.
  2. Review your 2019 Journey and Plan for 2020

When – November and December 2019

NB: Please note that depending on your starting point, access to resources and other life factors, this process will be as useful as the work you put in it and it may not be this linear.

3. HOW will the Career Planning Program be delivered/facilitated?

 Delivery of the program will take the following format every month:

  • Week 1 – you will receive a Self-Coaching Guide on the Step and Topic for the month via the blog space and work on the tasks.
  • Week 2 – you will receive another Self-Coaching Guide on the Topic via the blog. You will be encouraged to identify and work with a Learning Buddy of your choice where you live.
  • Week 3 – every month we will have a 1 hour online learning webinar on the Step and Topic for the month via Facebook Live and ZOOM meeting platform. You can connect to each monthly webinar using your phone, computer or tablet. For ZOOM, you need to download the app and you can get a code via e-mailing Ennie.
  • Week 4 – to close the month and topic you will receive a blog with learning resources – links to reading materials, video links, information about free courses etc. You will be encouraged to capture your Journey in writing and share online.
  • Questions and RequestsEvery week you can post questions to the e-Career Coach via the platform you have accessed the program materials and also post questions on .

4. WHO WILL BE the online Career Coach and Learning Facilitator?

How can i help😊 My names are Ennie Chipembere Chikwema, I will be your e-Career Coach and e-Learning Facilitator for this program. I am a Career and Life Coach, an experienced Learning and Development expert, as well as a Career Management Professional. This program is my social contribution and passion. My paid work is with an international NGO that covers 45 countries, where I lead the portfolio and function covering – Learning, Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Programme Quality. I am ever-smiling, optimistic, energetic and I enjoy working with people on any processes that include learning and development.

5. WHO IS THIS online Career Planning Program for?

This program is for everyone. Anyone who will find this program useful and is ready to do the work is very welcome, so join and invite others!!! – This is an open invitation for you to join this exciting journey in 3 ways:

  1. As a Participant – this is anyone who wants to do structured career planning using the 5 steps outlined in this document. You can join and drop off anytime. This also means you are willing to do the work, participate in the monthly webinars, share lessons and access and use the free resources produced via: and

2. As a Resource person – this is anyone who would like to Gift Time and Skills as a free contribution to the program and empowering others who may need your knowledge, skills and expertise. This could be an hour to share on a webinar, mentoring participants, being available to respond to career or industry questions, sharing Your Story, profiling this work and its participants, providing a platform that supports the work and its participants, developing resource materials, sharing links to relevant websites and opportunities.

3. As both a Participant and Resource Person – you can do both roles 😊.

Remember, this is free and open to anyone, please share the information with others!!!

6. WHEN DOES THE online Career Planning Program Start and End?

The free program starts on 1st March and ends 20th December 2019.

You can join, drop off and rejoin anytime as you need to.


This 10 months Career Planning Program is FREE. There is no cost. There is no payment expected later. Every monthly input from March to December 2019 is FREE.

What is your expected contributionwe invite you to share this opportunity with others, actively engage every month; use the resources and sharing feedback and lessons learnt.

8. WILL I GET a Certificate Afterwards?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment stating what was covered in the program. However, please note that this is not affiliated to any education institution or professional body. To get the recognition, you need to have registered via e-mail (see below) and have evidence of participation that you submit in December.

CERTIFICATE - certificateofgratitudefromennielifecoach_1_original-20

9. HOW DO I Register or Express my Interest?

Register via an email to Ennie Chipembere Chikwema. In it please share you details and tell me how you would like to participate or what you are offering as free support via –

10. WHAT OTHER WAYS can I connect with Ennie?

Find me on LinkedIn

Follow me on Twitter – @Ennie Chipembere


Thank you for your engagement…Get in touch if you have any queries…and…

Let’s Shake Things Up Together in 2019!!!



Career and Life Coach

28 February 2019


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  1. I love this space and self growth platform you have created Coach Ennie. Thank you for being selfless and serving others. The best reward in life is in investing in others and helping us all realise that we have within ourselves all the ingredients to succeed….Phenomenal work!

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