Mullet CV or Mullet Resume ~ A new way to Present Your Bio or Personal Profile ~ Career Management Essentials ~ Day 7 of #300DaysofLearning Challenge

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Mullet CV or Mullet Resume ~ A new way to Present Your Bio or Personal Profile ~ Career Management Essentials ~ Day 7 of #300DaysofLearning Challenge

Mullet CV or Mullet Resume is a Personal Statement or Profile that is a new way of presenting yourself as a holistic being who has professional and academic achievements, as well as a personal side that incorporates your other life roles in equal measure, which make up your career. It is based on the image of a mullet haircut, which is ~ business in the front and party at the back😊.

The idea was started in the Technology Certificate Program in Design Thinking offered by eCornell University According to eCornell, “This way of presenting yourself is based on what Siri calls a “mullet résumé.” This is a written personal statement that, like a mullet haircut, is “business in the front and party in the back.” It has two sections, the first which would be the front of a mullet haircut (the professional side of you) and the second would be the back of a mullet haircut (the personal creative side of you). There is value in having a Mullet CV, and below I say why.

Most of us have often been asked to send a Bio or Professional Profile as part of a conference, an event you are speaking at, a proposal you are submitting, a job you have applied for, and many online platforms ask you to briefly professionally describe yourself e.g. blog pages and for your LinkedIn profile. A Professional Profile or Bio. This is usually a clean and brief summary of your professional qualifications, experience and anything that would profile you as an expert in specific areas. This description of you, is usually closed off by one or two tiny lines about your other life roles 😊. I have often felt this was an inadequate way of presenting fully who a person is and their career, which is the sum of your life roles not just your job or occupation. Who was I to argue with an age-old practice? Well, now I can.

Mullet CV - creative version

To mark Day 7 of #300DaysofLearning Challenge to Promote #LearningDaily I would like to challenge you to develop and share your Mullet CV as part of your package of Career Management Essential documents to have on file.

 How to develop a Mullet CV or Mullet Resume (adapted from eCornell):

  1. Complete one (front) top section that briefly lists your qualifications, credentials, and so forth that you consider relevant to what you want to use it for. You do not need to include a full curriculum vitae or a complete list of qualifications; a few bullet points will suffice.
  2. Complete the other (back) lower section, where you can share your talents, interests, passions, hobbies, and preoccupations that are not necessarily related to your professional activities.
  3. Since there is no front or back of the page in a normal MS Word document, just use “Front” and “Back” to set the two sections apart. Length – maximum 1 page or 800 words. Have this as a master copy and shorten it for various purposes.
  4. Save a copy of your mullet résumé / CV to use in Step 2 – Know Your Market and Step 3 – Career Decision-making, which are part of the 10 Month Free Career Planning Program.

Free Career Planning Program 5 STEPS - flower image

The Value and Uses of a Mullet CV in Career Planning and Career Management:

There are several advantages to doing this task and having this Career Management Essential handy.

  1. It presents you as a complete person and provides your readers, listeners or recruiters a holistic picture of who you are, not just your qualifications.
  1. It is in line with the model we are using for our Career Planning Program, which integrates life roles or life planning into the definition of a career and not just your job/work/occupation.
  1. It provides you with additional baseline self-assessment information that contributes to Step 1 of Career Planning ~ Know Yourself and Know Your Context.
  1. It is a Career Management Essential that you can use for –
  • networking,
  • presenting yourself online and for
  • personal branding
  1. It forces you to critically think about and crystallise –

(1) Your core skills, the to 3 or 4 that you leverage on, what you have to offer an employer or client if running a business and

(2) What is important to you personally that you want people to know.

Mullet CV Infographic

What does a Mullet CV or Mullet Resume look like –

This week I started the Technology Certificate Program with eCornell on Design Thinking.  I was asked to develop and share my Mullet CV for purposes of introducing myself to the class, as well as being allocated a Working Team. Below, I share my example, which hopefully will help you in developing yours.

Ennie Chipembere Chikwema – Mullet CV

Front: Professional Profile, Qualifications & Skills


Name: Ennie Chipembere Chikwema

Location/Time Zone: Johannesburg, South Africa, GMT +2

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Arts Honors in Economic History, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

Graduate Education: Masters in International Development Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Post Graduate Education: Diploma in Integral Life Coaching (The Coaching Centre, South Africa), Certificate in Change Leadership (eCornell University), Certificate in Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD-Pro) by Humentum.

Current employer and Job Title (paid): ActionAid International; Head of Program Quality, Monitoring and Evaluation, Learning and Knowledge Management

Social Entrepreneurship (mostly unpaid): ; Career and Life Coach

Governance/Leadership roles (unpaid): Member – Board of Trustees for ActionAid International Ghana; Member – Humentum Learning and Development Global Council.

My 4 core skills and areas of expertise are:
  1. LearningLearning Design, Facilitation and Strategic Management
  2. NGO ProgramsProgramme Design and Management
  3. Organisational Change Leading Change Initiatives (where learning is a key dependency for delivering organizational strategy)
  4. CoachingCareer and Life Coaching (specialize in e-coaching)
Front: How I describe myself professionally:

I am a Learning and Development Facilitator, who is also experienced in Learning Design and Management at a strategic level. I also have Programme Design and Management expertise mainly on using a Human-Rights Based Approach to design and implement social justice, gender equality and women’s rights programmes. I have been doing development work at a global level for 15 years, working for ActionAid International federation’s 45 countries. I have practical experience of working on short assignments in 35 of those countries. I lead processes that strengthen the capacity of individuals and the federation’s members to be equipped to achieve organizational strategy commitments.

I am an enabling Career and Life Coach, who specialises in Career Coaching and I have been coaching professionally for 10 years. My daily work here involves facilitating processes that enable people to practice integrative life and career planning and management. I help people learn how to create and live more satisfying lives and do meaningful work that utilizes their potential. My coaching work, a small part is face to face with individuals and groups, and a large part is e-coaching using a self-coaching model via my Facebook page , my LinkedIn profile , my blog page , as well as Twitter, Instagram and four WhatsApp groups. I follow a structured program each year e.g. 2017 it was life planning, 2019 it is career planning. I post self-coaching guides, tools and resources and I use learning ecosystem model approach to design and facilitate the program for free and offer some paid services.

Back – how I describe personal Me:

My names are Ennie Chipembere Chikwema…I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a relative to many loved ones, a friend and a coach. Family time is very important to me. As a mother of two – a daughter who is 5 years and a son who is a year old, my kids have taught me the value of being focused, planning, time management and having boundaries. Work therefore starts when I am done with their morning routine and stops from the moment I pick them up from daycare until they sleep. I enjoy fitness escapades like walking 8km four times a week, team sports and outdoor activities with the kids and my sisters. My partner is laid back and we like to spend time at home with the occasional fun night out dancing, which I love to do. He has been my friend for two decades. I have three younger siblings, a huge extended family, a few close friends and a large community of coachees that I gift my time and skills to.

I am a Gemini, a systems thinker, deep reflector and an introvert who often needs time alone. I am always creating new things and learning daily in multiple ways. I live my life the same way I encourage others to live: being strategic, guided by a plan and clear life purpose, vision, values and beliefs, learning, struggling, overcoming and gifting time and skills to help others.

The End….

 I hope you will make use of this Sample CV Mullet and the Career Self Coaching useful. Feel free to share it and adapt it to your own developmental purposes.

😊 Remember strategic career management requires commitment, to reflect, plan and work on your CAREER building blocks. Be gentle with yourself and seek support if you need it. Inbox me if you need help.


🌟 How to get in touch, participate and SHARE ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE

📲 +27 82 305 0550



I look forward to your active engagement and…

Thank you so much for joining the #Career #SelfCoachingChampions

Let’s Shake Things Up Together in 2019

Career and Life Coach🔥


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  1. Insightful. It’s a great pleasure to know that I have shared a similar employer with such brilliant minds… ActionAid is a big family. With love from Kenya


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