25 RESOURCES to help you update your CV or Resume ~ a Career Management Essential Task


📣📣📣 DAY 19 of #300DaysofLearningChallenge

25 RESOURCES to help you update your CV or Resume ~ a Career Management Essential Task

One of the key Job search or career progession documents that everyone has or should have is a Resume (1 page summary of your qualifications and work experience)…or the slightly longer CurruculumVitae /CV (2-3 pages summary of your qualifications, work experience, also your interests or community work and references).

Below are links to a lot of articles and a free online course you ca  take to help you. Do note that for the course, if you want a certificate you have to pay for it. I think for this task, it is not worth it. Just go learn and apply the lessons, the templates and tools provided as part of your career development task.

Curriculum Vitae infographic with 8 steps, parts, options
Curriculum Vitae infographic with 8 steps, parts, options


The following links have helpful hints and templates and can direct you to other links ~

(❗lots of articles on this page on job search ~ CVs, Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews)

(❗this article is a step by step guide and there are samples and tips to guide you)

(❗150+ Best CV samples for every profession here…subscribe for free to view them)

(❗Applications are now sorted by machines…develop ATS friendly CVs or Resumes)



Mullet CV - creative version


LINK to 18 articles ~
(❗This link has 18 articles rich with tips and guidance that you can explore and use).



proactivecareermanagement_1_original (002)

3. 📣 FREE ONLINE COURSE – NO!!! free Certificate

Duration: 2 weeks; 3hrs of study/week
❗Started 4th March and Closes 11 April
❗Certificate – if you want it you pay $79

Becoming Career Smart: How to Sell Yourself

Thinking about a career change? Identify your key strengths and professional skills, and learn how to sell them and yourself. Learn how to benefit from your work and life experience
Most people change their jobs multiple times, some make dramatic career shifts. Being able to identify your transferable skills is vital in a changing career marketplace.

This course investigates the current career environment and, using case studies and a series of unique audit tools, it will challenge you to explore your successes and what success means to you. It will also develop your capacity to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and increase your knowledge of credentials (the skills and capabilities you have built during your life and career).


4. CAREER PLANNING ~ long term focus

🌟 For ongoing career planning support you can join my Free Career Planning Program for 2019👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽. Get in touch via: 📧 ennielifecoach@servicesgalore.co.za

Free Career Planning Program 5 STEPS - flower image


I hope you will find these curated career planning and proactive career management resources useful.

Career and Life Coach🔥

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