Learn with the Career Coach Journal – Personal Learning Ecosystem Approach Day

Learn with the Career Coach Journal is something I am trying out to help me reflect on my learning journey, be intentional with my lifelong learning actions and also to inspire others to practice lifelong learning.

Guided by a Personal Learning Ecosystem approach, today I learnt in various ways as part of my #300DaysOfLearning Challenge and #learndaily mantra. I thought I would #rolemodel what I advise coaches to do and share what I did and hopefully this will #inspire someone.

Read and Share

I read an article and shared with some friends, on mid-career change trends in Canada for those in their 40s as an ideal time as that is the time one usually has the luxury of both experience, means and opportunity. Hmmm, do you think this is the case in your context? Africa? Asia? Europe? UK? 😊https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5164941?__twitter_impression=true

Twitter and LinkedIn are great sources of content if you follow experts and peers in your field of interest.

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Watch/Listen and Share

From the Facebook Group – Learning to Learn, I got a link to a Youtube video, watched and shared on my Facebook Page p https://www.facebook.com/EnnieCareerCoach/. It was a very fascinating short video on “10 Steps to Climb Entrepreneurship”. I liked the focus on changing and equipping yourself as important parts of building a business. LINK to the video – here.

Write/Create and Share

I wrote a blog on the “6 Career Trends and 6 Coach Tips from the 2019 ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work Report”. [https://ennielifecoach.com/2019/06/11/6-career-trends-in-the-2019-ilo-global-commission-on-the-future-of-work-report/]. I learnt so much from this report. It will be a regular reference document for my work. https://www.ilo.org/global/topics/future-of-work/publications/WCMS_662410/lang–en/index.htm

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I also created a Personal Learning Ecosystem infographic, which I shared on all my social media platforms. I love this approach to learning, which is how I organize my own learning and how and what I share with all of you.

Personal Learning Ecosystem Infographic

Interact/Consult and Learn from others

I participated in a work webinar on “Preparations for UN General Assembly Engagement” to learn more about our work on global engagement, even though I do not work in that area. I am fortunate to work where people are free to join such webinars for learning purposes. I also posted a reflection in a Career Management Professional group I am part of. The topic was “evaluating career development services”, tough one that one as we do not usually do this well. I committed to do it better, so thank you Facebook metrics and all those who give me feedback.

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Train, Reflect and Share –

I am super excited about this one. I started my two weeks free content online course on Future Learn with University of Exeter – “Building Your Career In Tomorrow’s Workplace”. The objective of the course is to: “to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for you to reach your intended career goals in a world where the future of work will require flexibility, adaptability and lifelong learning.” I would like to strengthen those three muscles through this course. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/creating-your-future

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Experience, Reflect/Journal, capture lessons and Share –

Having reflected on my “learning day”, I am left in awe of how much learning happens in the flow of my work and life. I benefit more when it is intentional and I am conscious of it. I am grateful for all the above and the opportunity to have an interested audience and to add value from my Learning Journal Reflections.

I hope this has been useful to you and feel free to share feedback, learning materials and opportunities.

Tomorrow’s Actions – 

I look forward to going through this whole process again, curating content, creating content, learning with others, learning from my work and life…and sharing widely 😊.

Ennie pictureEnnie Chipembere – Career Coach




One thought on “Learn with the Career Coach Journal – Personal Learning Ecosystem Approach Day

  1. I love your personal learning ecosystem infographic. So much information in it and it still looks great.


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