How to Reboot Your Career in 90 Days

There are many reasons one would like to “reboot” their career. You may have been in a role for many year, you may reached a ceiling, you maybe looking for new directions to what no seems like repetitive work or you may just need a reboot to ensure you are engaged again. A reboot could also be seen as a career re-invention. An opportunity to redefine new ways of working and what is important to both you and the organisation. The latter part of that statement is important. You are in partnership with who you work for so their interest, priorities and validation is important to consider.

In this short blog, I share an infographic that you will find is a useful guide with 6 steps to follow as you hit the reset button.

90 Days Plan - 6 Key Actions for a CAREER REBOOTFollow each step, answer the questions as deeply and honestly as you can, and based on you responses create a 90 Day Action Plan to follow. Plans that require some behaviour change require you to set up systems to support that change, identify an Accountability Partner and also set up small rewards to celebrate any progress made.

The End!

Ennie picture Ennie Chipembere – Career Coach and Learning Expert



Twitter: @EnnieChipembere

Published: 31/10/2019

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