Career decision-making or Education Path choice ~ 10 key guiding questions to consider ~

Career decision-making or Education Path choice ~ 10 key guiding questions for you ~

Know yourself in this moment of your life and Your future market:~

1. What is your career goal? Or what do you want to do with any qualification/s you are thinking of pursuing?

~ start with the end in mind

2. What are your values, interests, personality and skills?

3. What is your passion ~ something that gives meaning and satisfaction to your work and life?

4. What is your personal vision (legacy) and life purpose (mission – reason for existing)?

5a. What are you currently doing – work-wise? What core skills do you use and what experience are you gaining?

b. What other work experience do you have? What are the transferable skills, essential skills and technical skills do you have from those work experiences?

6a. What education qualification/s do you have?

b. How are you using the current qualification/s you have?

c. Do you have specific and critical qualifications related to your potential future occupation?

7. What life roles do you have/play that are important to consider in your decision and future prospects? E.g. parent, partner, sibling etc.

8. What are current and future potential barriers that could limit your career or education path choices?

b. What people/network support and resources are available to you in addeessing barriers and pursuing your career or education goal?

9. What types of employment opportunities are available to you locally and globally for any option you are thinking of pursuing?

10. What are the trends for your possible path – 2020, 2022, 2025 and 2030?

a. Labour market trends

b. Workplace trends

c. Skills trends

d. Employment trends

e. Demographic changes trends

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Ennie Chipembere

Career and Life Coach🔥

13 April 2019

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