Journal Writing ~ 10 Tips from a Career Coach

Journal writing is a useful practice to connect with your thoughts, emotions, tap into inner wisdom, resolve issues and create or document your knowledge. Its a critical tool for promoting #wellness. The kind of journal writing I encourage is free writing.

#Journal Writing Tips

Here are ten tips to get you started…

1. #Timing – block some time…end of day, early morning or anytime that suits you. Its best to be consistent and for you to develop a routine.

2. #Format – pick what works for you… Use an online app; your device (phone, tablet ot computer) or use a notebook/journal. I prefer a journal so I write with a pen and I get to feel and “see” my thoughts flow 🙂. Whatever you choose, keep it safe so you feel safe enough to “download” what you need to there.
NB: some people write and then burn the notebook or pages.

3. #Reflect and #Focus…think about your day or an experience…run through it mentally. Let your mind settle down.

4. #Journal #Topic – settle on a thought, an experience, a conversation, an action you took, something you saw outside, an object, people etc. Anything… just pick something to get you started.

5. #Free #Writing – DO NOT JUDGE…free flow, just start writing. Don’t try and format or make sense, let your thoughts, feelings or emotions flow and the connections will start happening as you follow one emerging idea after another. Have fun with this personal time and space.

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6. #Practice – there will be days you feel you have nothing to write….there is a topic🙂 “Nothing to Write”. Sometimes even one word on the page…means a lot and that’s all you need to write that day.

7. #Own the process – this is your space, you can write bullet points; shopping lists; bucket list; dreams; paste pictures or ticket stubs from travel etc.

8. #Habit – it takes 66 days for a habit to be formed and stay…so be consistent and work on it until it is easy for you to journal…and you crave that personal time.

9. #Learn and develop skill – there are many resources; examples and journal prompts out there. Tap into that wisdom. I was started on my journey by Stephanie Dowrick’s book and that’s all I have needed.

10. #Celebrate and Learn from your experiences – the best part of journal writing is when you go back to your words 3 months, 6 months, a year or years later. Its such a wonderful experience to learn from your inner wisdom.

You will learn so much from yourself, about what’s important to you at different seasons of your life and the world around you. Its the best part for me. You will realise you have created knowledge from your daily life that no one can take away from you. How wonderfully empowering.

Good luck🌟

Ennie Chipembere
Career Coach 🔥

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