LAUNCHING ~ #300DaysofLearning to challenge you to #LearnDaily and invest in locally #AmplifyingVoices by Sharing your Knowledge and Skills


📚📲🗣👥✍🏾📹🎥📽📝 LAUNCHING ~ #300DaysofLearning to challenge you to #LearnDaily and invest in locally #AmplifyingVoices by helping you Share your Knowledge and Skills

🌟Why #300DaysofLearning Initiative – my journey, my passion and life purpose?

This year marks for me 22 years as a Learning and Development Facilitator and an Educator. My first paid assignment as an Educator was in 1996, when I was contracted to be a Temporary Teacher in Gweru, Zimbabwe for three months before going to the University of Zimbabwe in 1997 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Economic History. The second assignment came in that year, when I was contracted by Arrupe Jesuit College in Harare to be an English as a Second Language Teacher to Jesuit Priests while I studied. I did this wonderfully satisfying work for the four years I was at university. Upon graduation in 2000, I then became a Teaching Assistant at the University of Zimbabwe’s Economic History Department as I pursued doctoral research in Urban Economic History. In 2003, I joined Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to pursue a Masters in Development Studies, while being a Teaching Assistant for a year. Lovely place that one, loved it and learnt a lot about institutionalised and government resourced career services…national talent development strategy. Africa, we are far behind on this one.

My time as a fulltime Educator came to an end in 2004 when I joined the NGO world, starting with Konrad Adenauer Foundation where my role was to strengthen partner organisations capacity to fulfil their mission using the resources allocated and our technical support. Those were good times as I got immersed in the world of helping people, outside the confines of a classroom. I did that for two years and thereafter in 2006 I joined a global organisation, a federation of 45 countries, whose mission is social justice, gender equality and ending poverty.  Within ActionAid International, I have held four leadership roles focused on utilising learning and development to support the delivery of our Global Strategy commitments. These were (1) putting women’s rights at the centre of all our work in 2006, (2) using a human rights based approach in 2009, (3) coordinating capacity development for strategic support in 2014 and now from 2017 (4) harnessing learning, managing knowledge, doing good M&E and Learning and strengthening programme quality to achieve mission. Quite a fulfilling journey. Love it.

At the beginning of 2019, I started reflecting on the above journey and also my new portfolio at work focused on learning and knowledge management. I began asking myself how can I encourage many more people, beyond ActionAid, to be #LearningChampions, especially as part of career development. How can I, together with others, challenge people to learn daily, but importantly, to document and share what they know, especially in Africa. I love to learn. I love to facilitate processes that help people and organisations learn. This is my passion and life purpose. So I’m hoping through this initiative #300DaysofLearning we can all have a broader understanding and practice of learning, sharing, managing and using our knowledge.

The aims of the #300DaysofLearning initiative are:

1. GOAL 1: To encourage people to #LearnDaily for 300 days of the year and to value and promote all the different ways we learn.

Learning happens in many different ways, not just in class or on a course that gives you a certificate. We learn through reading, watching something, listening, interacting with others, when we do something, through training, when we reflect, record visually, write and share. All these ways are important for us to practice and promote.


2. GOAL 2 – To value, document, publish, amplify and promote the use of local knowledge from anyone who wants to share it no matter who and where they are in life, for 300 days of the year.

The initiative will encourage people to document in quotes, stories, videos, facilitated interviews, blogs and to share their knowledge, skills, expertise, wisdom, life lessons, words and experiences. We lose so much personal, community, institutional and national knowledge because its not documented and shared. We reinvent thewheel several times and don’t leverage on local knowledge, which is usually not valued, particularly in Africa. I hope this initiative will contribute and catalyse others to act.


🌟 Why #300DaysofLearning not 365 days of the year?

Well I figured we all need a break. So you get 1 day a week off in the 52 weeks in a year. Then you get 13 days…almost two weeks vacation/holiday or sick leave days😊.

🌟 What should you do next to participate?

Share this blog and also follow so we keep you posted.

Get in touch and share for packaging and posting on social media platforms –

1. Quotes – your own words of wisdom; life lesson; career lesson; leadership lesson…anything that you would like to to sharw with the world. The quotes will have your name and will be shared with your consent.

2. Written and Visual material – you can share blogs; stories; poems, 2 minutes max video clips etc. Share and we discuss packaging in line with the objectives of the initiative and creative commons principles. This will be with your consent and name attached.

3. Knowledge Harvesting – this is for those who want to be interviewed and we package and share your knowledge with your consent and name attached…Let’s do this!!!

4. Interact and Share Online ~ if you want to share through a webinar or Facebook Live Event….Let us know and we organise it! We love social collaborative learning 💕🗣👥

5. Gift of Time and Skills ~ if you want to share 30 minutes or an hour or more of your time to share a practical skill, mentor or coach someone…please feel free to do that. We will be happy to facilitate.

🌟 Will you be paid?

No, there will be no financial compensation. The work remains yours and will only be shared with your consent and approval. I am still exploring and Creative Commons license, but for now, you hold the power to decide what to do with your knowledge.

🌟Where will all this documented knowledge be shared?

We will share your inputs to inspire others, with your consent, on social media ~

~ Twitter
~ LinkedIn
~ Facebook e.g.
~ Instagram
~ websites e.g.
~ your own platforms

~ #300Daysof Learning publication – depending on uptake we will collectively look into documenting in book format and publishing the shared work for posterity. This will be done in consultation and with consent of course, plus agreement with contributors on appropriate distribution licensing.

🌟 How to get in touch, participate AND SHARE ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE

📲 +27 82 305 0550



I look forward to your active engagement and…

Let’s Shake Things Up Together in 2019

Career and Life Coach🔥

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